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MONCHHICHI is founded by SEKIGUCHI in 1974. The boy is named MONCHHICHI KUN, and the girl is named MONCHHICHI CHAN. They both love fashion, cake and fruit. They love spending time with their friends and the existence of MONCHHICHI is to tell people how wonderful and treasurable love is. MONCHHICHI is a cute little monkey represents “HAPPINESS” and “LUCK”. In Japan, there is a legend to give a pair of MONCHHICHI to your loved ones to wish them a lifetime of happiness and luck to come.

In January 26, 2004, MONCHHICHI KUN and MONCHHICHI CHAN held a special wedding at Tokyo Sheraton Grand Hotel. On the same year October 30, a pair of cute little twins BEBICHHICHI was born. According to the traditional Japanese legend, two newborn BEBICHHICHI are transported by the crane to the MONCHHICHI parents. BEBICHHICHI has the same cuteness as their parents, and MONCHHICHI  as the parents are still warm and fun.

Bebichhichi Picture.png
Bebichhichi Logo.png
Chimutan Picture.jpg
Chimutan Logo.jpg

A special friend of Monchhichi was reintroduced. It’s   CHIMUTAN, the sweet little bunny! She’s a kind friend who loves eating strawberries, dressing up, baking sweets, and drawings. Her birthday is on March 3rd.

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